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णमो अरिहंताणं | णमो सिद्धाणं | णमो आयरियाणं | णमो उवज्झायणं | णमो लोए सव्व साहूणं | एसो पंच णमोक्कारो, सव्व पावप्प णासणो मंगलाणं च सव्वेसिं, पडमम हवई मंगलं |
Abadhita With no contradiction of the probandum
Abadhitavisayatva Absence of contradiction of the probandum
Abhavya One who is incapable of attaining moksa
Abhedavrtti Identifying by transference of epithet
Abhedopacara Making identical aspect predominant
Abhigraha Resolution
Abhikshna-Jnanopayoga Ceaseless pursuit of right knowledge.
Abhipsita Desirable
Abhiseka Anointing ceremony
Abhyasta Habituated
Abhyuhana Process of understanding
Abrahma Unchastity.
Abrahma-varjana Abandonment of all incontinence
Acaksurdarsana Perception by means of the senses other than visual
Acara Conduct
Acarya Head of a mendicant group; spiritual leader; monk-scholar
Achakshu-darshanavarana Non-Ocular-Conation-Obscuring
Acharya-Bhakti Devotion to Acharyas or Heads of the Orders of Saints.
Achetanatva Unconsciousness
Adama-nirjara Equanimous submission to the fruition of karma
Adana-niksepana-samiti Care in the picking up and putting down of any object
Adattadana-virati Not taking anything which has not been given; identical to asteya-vrata
Adeya Impressive; appearance such as may affect others.
Adharma Principle of Rest
Adharma-dravya The principle of rest
Adhigama preaching of another.
Adhigamaja Grahita
Adhikarana Dependance
Adhikaraniki-kriya having weapons of hurtfulness.
Adho-loka The lower world; the home of infernal beings
Adhyavasaya Determinate cognition
Adhyayana Lecture
Advaita Non-dual; cap., the monistic school of Vedanta
Agama Scripture; canonical literature Verbal testimony
Agamika Non-repetitive
Agari House-holders(laymen).
Aghatiya Karamas that generate embodiment and particular conditions thereof
Aghatiya Non-Destructive karmas
Agni Fire
Agurulaghu Nor heavy-light; neither too heavy to move, nor too light to have stability.
Agurulaghutva Capacity by which one attribute or substance does not become another and the substance does not lose the attributes whose grouping forms the substance itself. Individuality The quality of constancy in space-points
Ahampratyaya Self-awareness
Ahara Agrahya-Vargana Assimilation-unrecievable-molecule
Ahara-Vargana Assimilation-molecule for food
Aharaka Assimilative The spiritual man-like emanation from the head of a saint in doubt, in the sixth spiritual stage.
Aharaka mishra Assimitative with physical.
Aharaparyapti Taking of morsels of food
Aharyaprasanjana Determinate concomitant
Aharyaropa Determinate concomitant
Ahavaniya-agni One of the sacred fires in the Hindu srauta ritual
Ahimsa Nonharming
Ahimsavrata Refraining from harming
Ailaka The highest state of a Digambara layman, wherein he retains only one piece of clothing
Ajinana Ignorance
Ajiva Insentient Non-Living Non-Soul Which is not soul
Ajna-vyapadiki-kriya Misinterpreting the scriptural injunctions, which we do not want to follow.
Ajnana Ignorance--nivartaka--remover Wrong belief caused by ignorance. Indiscrimination of good and bad.
Ajnanavada Agnosticism
Ajnanika Agnostic. Everything is not knowable. This is one of the general attributes of all substances.
Ajnavicaya Contemplation on the teachings of Jina
Akama-nirjara Equanimous submission to the fruition of karma.
Akasa Space
Akasha Space
Akashaya Quasi-passions; slight or minor passions.
Akincitkara Immaterial
Akrandana weeping
Akriyavada Doctrine of non-action
Akriyavadi Opposite of Kriyavadi, e.g., the soul does nothing. This undermines all truth.
Aksa An organ of sense Self
Aksara Alphabet
Aksata Uncooked rice
Aksaya-trtiya The "immortal third," a Jaina holiday
Alarikara Ornamentation
Alocana Critical self-examination Intuitional cognition
Aloka Non-Universe
Aloka-akasa Totally empty space
Alokitapana-bhojana Thoroughly seeing to one's food and drink.
Amanaska Without mind
Amari Prohibition of animal sacrifice
Amla Acid.
Amsavatara Minor incarnation of Visnu
Amudha drishtitva Free from superstitious belief.
Amudhadrsti Freedom from delusory notions
Amurtatva Along with Achetanatva, is common to Space, Motion, Rest and Time. Along with Chetanatva, is a common attributes of the class of substance, or group of attributes, called Soul. Immateriality
Anabhimata Undesirable
Anabhoga putting down a thing where it ought not to be put.
Anabhoga-kriya indifference in dropping things or throwing oneself down upon the earth, i.e. without seeing whether it is swept or not.
Anabhyupagata Unproved
Anadeya Non-impressive; dull appearance.
Anadhyavasaya Indecision
Anadhyavasita Neither known
Anadi Having no beginning
Anadinidhana Without beginning and without end
Anagara House-less(ascetics).
Anagara-dharma Mendicant discipline
Anaikantika Inconclusive
Anaikantikatva Inconclusiveness
Anakanksha-kriya Disrespect to scriptural injunctions out of vice or laziness.
Anakaropayoga Formless conscious activity
Anaksara Non-alphabet
Anangapravista Main scriptions
Ananta-sukha Infinite bliss
Anantadharma Infinite aspects
Anantajnana Infinite knowledge; a synonym for kevalajnana
Anantanu-Vargana Infinite-atoms-molecule
Anantanubandhi Error feeding or wrong-belief-breeding or Right-belief preventing-passions.
Anantanubandhi-kasaya Passions that "Pursue from the limitless past," preventing the attainment of samyak-darsana
Anantaviryatva Infinite energy
Ananugamika Non-following
Ananvaya Lacking in positive concomitance
Anarpitabhasa False unimplied point of view
Anarpitanaya Unimplied view-point
Anartha danda-vrata Taking a vow not to commit purposeless sin
Anarthadandavrata Refraining from the five minor types of evil activity
Anasana Fasting
Anashana Fasting--external austerity.
Anataraya Obstructive.
Anavastha Regressus ad infinitum
Anekantavada The doctrine of manifold aspects
Anekatva Multiplicity
Anga Limb; cap., a group of twelve Jaina canonical texts
Angabahya The subsidiary canon
Angapuja Veneration of the limbs of the lord
Angopanga Limbs; limbs and minor limbs.
Anigraha Free from defect
Anindriyaja Non-sensuous, not caused by senses
Anirakrta Not refuted
Anisrita Independent
Anitya Impermanent
Anitya anupreksha Everything is subject to change or transitory. transitoriness
Anityavada Noneternalism
Anivartin That state from which there is no returning
Anivrtti-karana The process of suppressing certain mohaniya karmas
Anrita Falsehood.
Antar-muhurta A period of up to forty-eight minutes
Antara-bhava The state of existence between death and rebirth
Antaratman The state of perceiving the self within
Antaraya inflow of obstructive karma Obstructive
Antaraya-karma Karma that restricts the energy-quality of the soul
Antarjalpa Inward repetition
Antarmuhurtta For a moment
Antarmuhurttika A period of less than forty-eight minutes
Antarvyapti Internal concomitance
Antyesti-kriya Funeral rites
Anu Atom; an indivisible particle of matter
Anu Vargana Atom
Anu-Vratas Five minor vows.
Anubhaga intensity of fruition
Anubhava Experience Retribution of a karma; intensity
Anubhaya-mana Neither true nor false.
Anubhaya-vachana Neither true or false.
Anubhuta Cognised, felt
Anugamika(Avadhijnana) Following
Anugamin Following
Anukampa Compassion
Anumana Inference
Anumanika Inferential
Anumati-tyaga Preparatory to the monk's life. Enjoins a gradual giving up of the world and retiring into some very quiet place to aquire the knowledge of truth and ultimately to become fit to be a teacher of the path to Liberation.
Anumatityaga-pratima The tenth stage in which a layman refrains from all household activities
Anumiti Inference
Anupalambha Non-observation
Anupatta Matter which is not taken in by the soul.
Anupayoga Not in actual use
Anupayukta Without attention
Anupreksa Reflection, twelve kinds
Anupreksha Meditation.
Anupurvi Migratory form; the power of retaining the form of the last incarnation during transmigration, i.e., in the passage from one to another condition of existence.
Anutseka not being proud of one's own achievement or attainments.
Anuvichi-bhashana Speaking in accordance with scriptural injunctions.
Anuvratas Minor vows pertaining only to laypeople
Anuyoga Exposition; a group of postcanonical texts
Anvaya Concomitance in agreement
Anvayadharma Quality
Anyatarasiddha Unproved for either of the two
Anyathanupapatti Logical impossibility in the absence of the other
Anyatva anupreksha Sepatateness. Otherness. The world, my relations and friends, my body, and mind, they are all distinct and separate from my real self.
Apadhyana Thinking ill of others.
Apara (Samgrahanaya) Non-ultimate (generic)
Aparamarthika Empirical
Aparigraha Nonpossession
Aparinamin Unchanging
Aparyapti Undevelopable; Incapable of developing the body fully.
Aparyavasita (Srutajnana) Having no end
Apavartana Energy that hastens the time and decreases the intensity of karmic fruition
Apaya Perceptual judgment
Apayavicaya Contemplation on the means by which beings can be saved
Apo-kayika Water-bodies
Apradhanacarya Nominal acarya
Apramanatva Invalidity
Apramatta-virata Restraint not vitiated by carelessness, the seventh gunasthana
Apramatva Non-organ of knowledge
Aprapyakaritva The quality of acting from distance
Apratipatina Non-extinguishing
Apratita Neither known
Apratya Vekshita Putting down a thing without seeing.
Apratyakhyana-kriya not renouncing what ought to be renounced.
Apratyakhyanavarana Obstructors of partial renunciation
Apratyakhyanavaraniya Partial vow-preventing passions including anger, pride, deceit and greed.
Aprayojaka Immaterial
Apta Authentic
Apta-vacana Statement of an authentic personality
Apurva-karana The process by which the soul attains to an unprecedented degree of purity
Arahamta Prakrit for arhat
Arambha Commencement of a thing - compare attempt in Criminal Law.
Arambha-tyaga Abandonment of merely worldly engagements and occupations.
Arambhatyaga-pratima The eighth stage in which a layman withdraws from all professional commitments
Arambhaya-himsa Violence occurring either accidentally or through the performance of an acceptable occupation
Arapa Hot light; radiant heat; possessed of a brilliant body, which is hot to others but not to the possessor, as the gross radiant earth bodied beings in the sun.
Arati Displeasure in regard to sense activities dissatisfaction. The lamp-waving ceremony
Arcana Worship
Ardha naracha samhanana Semi-unbreakable joints and bones.
Ardha-phalaka Loincloth worn by Svetambara monks
Ardha-pudgala-paravartana-kala The amount of time required for a soul to take in and use up half of the available karmic matter in the universe
Arghya Respectful offering
Arham Identical to arhat
Arhat "Worthy to worship"; an epithet of one who has attained kevalajnana; a synonym for kevalin
Arhat Kevali Omniscient Lord
Arhat-Bhakti Devotion to Arhats or Omniscient Lords.
Arihamta A variant for arahamta
Arpitanaya Implied point of view
Arpitanayabhasa False implied point of view
Artha Meaning of a word
Artha (Kaladigata) Object
Artha-kriya Exercise of casual efficiency
Artha-kriyasamartha Capable of performing any action
Artha-naya Point of view of meaning
Artha-nayabhasa False point of view of meaning
Artha-paryaya Mode of the object
Artha-prapakatva Conveyance of the sense
Artha-pratipadaka Support of truth
Artha-samvedana Manifested in the statement
Arthavagraha (Matijnana) Object-awareness
Arupi-ajiva The four insentient, formless dravyas
Aryika Nuns of the Digambara sect
Asad guna udbhavana proclaiming in oneself the good qualities which one does not possess.
Asamgrahika (Naigamanaya) Non-generic
Asamjni Unable to reason about spiritual matters
Asamkhyata Innumerable
Asamyama Nonrestraint
Asatavedaniya Experience of pain
Asatana Disrespect
Asatavedaniya Unpleasant-feeling
Asatpratipaksatva Non-conclusive
Asatva Non-existence
Asatya Lying
Asatya mana False mind
Asatya-Vachana False
Ascarya Extraordinary event
Asharana anupreksha Unprotectiveness; helplessness. The soul is unprotected from the fruition of karmas. Death, pain, pleasure, success, failure are the necessary results of our acts in this or past lives.
Ashrava Inflow The attraction of good or bad matter by the soul in virtue of its mental, vocal, or bodily activity.
Ashrava anupreksa Inflow. The inflow of karma is the cause of my mudane existence and it is the product of passions, etc.
Ashubha Ugly (body).
Ashubha-nama A Bad-body-making karma
Ashuchi anupreksha Impurity. The body is impure and dirty.
Asi "Sword"; government
Asiddha (Hetvabhasa) Non-existence
Asiddhata Unproved state
Asiddhatva Non-existent
Asiddhi Whose existence cannot be proved
Aspasta Indistinct
Asrava Karmic influx The thought-activity invites the karmic matter into the soul.
Asraya Substratum
Astanga Eight limbs (of samyak-darsana)
Asteya Not stealing
Asthira (unsteady circulation of blood, etc.).
Asti-kaya Having extension
Astikya Affirmation
Astitva Existence
Asubha-karma Unwholesome karma
Asva Horse
Aticara Infractions committed by accident
Atidesavakya Analogical sentence
Atisaya-ksetra Places where miraculous events associated with great monks have occurred
Atithi-samvibhaga Sharing with (ascetic) guests Taking a vow to take one's food only after feeding the ascetivs with a part of it.
Ativyapti Undesirable extension
Atma ninda denouncing one's self
Atma prashansa Praising oneself
Atman Soul; self
Atmanubhava Abiding in one's own nature
Atmarthatva Meant for the self
Atmarupa (Kaladigata) Form
Atmasad-guna uchchhadana not proclaiming one's own good qualities.
Attara guna A kind of production of the dependance relating to the non-soul, i.e., production of books, pictures, statues, etc.
Audarika Physical The physical body of all men and animals.
Audarika mishra Physical with karmic.
Audarikasarira Gross-body of Lord
Aupapadika Born spontaneously
Aupasamika Subsidence
Aushbha Awkward.
Avadhi (Jnana) Clairvoyance
Avadhi-darshanavarana Visual-conation-obscuring.
Avadhi-jnanavarana Visual-knowledge-obscuring
Avadhidarsana The indistinct type of awareness preceding avadhijnana
Avadhijnana Supermundane knowledge such as clairvoyance
Avagaha Penetrability
Avagraha (Matijnana) Determinate perception
Avaharana Distinguishing
Avaktavya Indescribable Inexpressible
Avamaudarya Eating only a very small portion of food
Avamodarya Eating less than one's fill, or less than one has appetite for--external austerity.
Avantara samanya General substance
Avapodvapa Elimination and addition
Avarana The veil
Avarana ksaya Destruction of veil
Avaraniya Obscuring
Avarnavada Causes the right-belief-deluding karmic matter(Darshana).
Avasarpini Descending round Regressive half-cycle
Avashyaka-parihari Not neglecting one's six important daily duties
Avastu-nirbhasa Dealing with no object
Avasyaka Essential duty
Avaya (Matijnana) Perceptual judgment
Avayava Part
Avicyuti Absence of lapse
Avidya Ignorance
Avinayeshu Those who are uncivil or ill-behaved. ??????
Avipaka-nirjara Inducing a karma to leave the soul by means of a contrary karma, or by means of ascetic practices.
Avirata Vowlessness, non-renunciation. Vowlessness.
Avirati Nonrestraint
Aviruddhanupalabdhi (Hetu) Non-availability of non-contradictory
Aviruddhopalabdhi (Hetu) Availability of non-contradictory
Avisamvadakatva Non-discrepancy
Avisvagbhava All-pervasiveness
Aviveka Lack of discrimination
Avrta Obscured
Avyakta Indeterminate
Avyaktaksara Indistinct sound
Ayaga-pata Votive slabs
Ayariya Prakrit for acarya
Ayashah kirti Notoriety; bringing bad name, even if one does good actions.
Ayoga-kevalin The fourteenth gunasthana, attained by the kevalin when, in the instant before death, all his activities cease
Ayu Age-karma age.
Ayu-karma Karma that determines the span of a given lifetime
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